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"Friend of the Taxpayer" -- Senator Dave Osmek (R-Mound) scores a perfect 100 in the latest Taxpayer League scorecard. This was his third straight year with a perfect 100 score.

Dave Osmek in the media -- Hear Dave on Fox 9 News talking about the "Right to Repair Bill"

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my campaign website. It is truly an honor to be your State Senator and work to represent you in Saint Paul.

The 2013 session was historic in many ways, just maybe not the RIGHT ways. Rather than making government work more efficiently, the DFL simply threw more money at every situation. Even through nearly 70% of Minnesotans do not believe in the forced unionization of daycare workers, the DFL did it.

We can do better. We can educate our children and fix our roads and have a cleaner environment and make it happen without raising taxes. But we need leaders that will do the job, rather than paying back their political cronies.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you around my senate district soon!


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