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Leaders know and endorse: Dave Osmek
Letters to the Editor:

Brent Koivisto, Chanhassen
(reprinted from the Lakeshore Weekly News, October 30, 2012)

Each election is important. At every level, it is critical that we seek out candidates that are prepared for the challenge, have the experience to lead, and a proven track record of success. In this year's election, I heartily support Dave Osmek to be the next State Senator for District 33.

Dave's record of serving the citizens of Mound clearly shows his superior ability to get things done.

He's worked with his fellow city council members and city staff to bring in budgets that have kept property taxes as low as possible and even reduced city labor with no loss of services. For Dave, making government "Do more with less" is not a catch-phrase, it's what he does.

Dave has a can-do attitude that government desperately needs. He knows that we have to prioritize what we spend on, from roads to schools to lending a helping hand to those in need. Government needs to live within its means and he knows it.

Leadership is a byproduct of experience. For over 10 years, Dave has developed the skills on the Mound City Council that make him ready to take the next step and serve us all in Saint Paul. He's worked with every level of government and is respected for his proven ability to get the job done.

David Osmek, Mound
(reprinted from the Lakeshore Weekly News, October 30, 2012)

Last week, the SD33 DFL chair expressed outrage with my choice to attend my City Council meeting versus participating in a candidate forum. When I took the oath of office in 2001, I promised to serve my constituents first. I am disappointed that the leaders of my opponent's party feel that I should shirk my responsibilities, particularly when my council meetings are publicly known over a year in advance.What she did not tell you is that I have participated in four other forums and that my opponent has also missed one. Any assertion that I do not want to debate or discuss my views with the voters is patently false.


Gerald T. Sicard, Spring Park
(reprinted from the Lakeshore Weekly News, August 07, 2012)

Did you know we have a "temporary" tax on deeds and mortgages in Hennepin County? It started in 1997 and set to expire in 2003. This "temporary" tax was extended by the state legislature twice, and it's supposed to expire next year.

I support Dave Osmek for state senate because he knows the meaning of the word "temporary" and will make it stick.

As a 10-year Mound councilman, Dave's fought to reduce the size of government and spend money on things that work, not junk that doesn't. He's voted against budgets that spent too much money and for services that don't bring value to the taxpayer.

I support Dave Osmek for state senate. He knows how to get the job done and work for us.

Brent Koivisto, Chanhassen
(reprinted from the Lakeshore Weekly News, July 31, 2012)

We need leaders in Saint Paul, not followers. We need to elect people that aren't worried about getting awards or being liked at parties. We need to elect people who know how to get the job done.

That's why I support Dave Osmek for State Senate District 33. He's got an excellent record of reducing spending and limiting taxes in Mound, and I know he can take those values to make Minnesota work for us. It's about priorities, not business as usual.

Vote for the Republican endorsed candidate on August 14. Vote for Dave Osmek for state senate.


Brad Curtis, Mound
(reprinted from the Lakeshore Weekly News, July 31, 2012)

I have watched David Osmek's work on the Mound council for years, and have talked to Mr. Osmek many times. He is a man of integrity, fiscally conservative and believes in sun-setting taxes and fees that have out lived their specific purposes. I have never heard or seen him try to apply these taxes and fees to another purpose or for revenue generation. His work in government is always out in the open and not in a back room somewhere. This requires a moral discipline so rarely seen in our elected officials these days.

He is a fiscal conservative, with his moral compass intact. In other words the man is honest, intelligent and diligent in keeping the trust the voters put in him. I have never heard of or seen an incident where he looked at the voters as a source of income to fund and further a personal agenda as so many politicians do these days. He has kept the needs of the people forefront while diligently working to keep the cost and regulatory weight of government as light as possible on his fellow citizen. I have great faith he will display the same skill, restraint and discipline in State Senate seat 33 that he has shown in his service to the city of Mound.

Osmek is up for this and is the better choice for District 33 state senator. He has shown time and again by his actions through years of service that he respects the citizens who voted him in. Simply put, he is the better choice.

I also support Cindy Pugh for 33B. I have found her to be straight forward, holding the same belief about elected office that Osmek does. She also understands elected office is a position of service not a life-time job.


Peter Meyer, Mound
(reprinted from the Waconia Patriot, July 19, 2012)

Many of you might be surpised by this letter. After battling with Dave Osmek for over 3 years on the Mound City Council, I’m probably the LAST person you might think would endorse him for State Senate. But I’m here to tell you, Dave is EXACTLY the kind of Senator we need in Saint Paul.

Our nation and our state needs leaders. While Dave and I disagreed over many issues, I have come to respect the work and effort he has made to keep Mound on a solid, fiscally conservative track. He actually has tracked every dollar spent since 2000, in every department, and holds staff accountable each year. And Mound has one of the highest bonding ratings, a reflection of the success that saves us money every year.

Why Dave now? Because we need a State Senator that will fight to protect our freedoms, our liberties, and our wallets. Dave’s opponent has experience, but isn’t the kind of strong advocate we need to make Minnesota great. We need new energy, new experience, and a new voice. Dave fits the bill.

Vote for the Republican Endorsed candidate on August 14th. Vote for the candidate supported across the political spectrum. Vote for Dave Osmek for State Senate.
Meyer was on the Mound City Council from 2001 through 2005.

United States Congressman Erik Paulsen
"As a city councilor Dave Osmek is a strong voice for fiscal discipline. Dave’s private sector experience will help bring needed reform to the state legislature."

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund
"We have confidence that David Osmek is a pro-business leader who shares the business community's goals of job growth and economic vitality for Minnesota."

National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund
"On behalf of NRA members in Minnesota Senate District 33m I am pleased to announce your NRA-PVF 'AQ' rating and endorsement for the 2012 Minnesota General Election. This endorsment is a reflection of your support on Sencon Amendment issues and your responses to NRA-PVF's candidate questionnaire."

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
Minnesota Farm Bureau
Minnesota State Senator Warren Limmer
Minnesota State Senator David Hann
Minnesota State Senator Paul Gazelka
Minnesota State Representative Steve Drazkowski

• Minnesota State GOP Chairman Pat Shortridge
• Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson
• Republican Liberty Caucus

Nationally Syndicated Radio Host Jason Lewis
"Dave has an excellent record as a city councilman in Mound of actually reducing the size and cost of government. He knows how to dig into issues, find root causes, and develop big-picture solutions."

• Mound Mayor Mark Hanus
• St. Bonifacius Mayor Rick Weible
• Former Spring Park Mayor Jerry Rockvam
• Joe Arwood, St. Bonifacius City Councilmember
• Arlene Donahue, Minnetrista City Councilmember
• Vicki Ernst, Chanhassen City Councilmember
• Heidi Gesch, Mound City Councilmember
• Anne Hunt, Minnetrista City Councilmember
• Brad Johnson, Greenfield City Councilmember
• Shawn Ruotsinoja, St. Bonifacius City Councilmember
• Ray Salazar, Mound City Councilmember
• Bethany Tjornhom, Chanhassen City Councilmember
• Mark Vanderlinde, Minnetrista City Councilmember
• George Zenanko, Minnetrista City Councilmember
See Dave's press release as printed in the Laker/Pioneer
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